Your request will be processed as soon as possible. To provide you with full information regarding treatment, we need more detailed information about your condition. Please, send us all available medical documents, such as the ophthalmologist's report, examination results, etc., which were performed recently (not more than 1 month ago, if possible).

If You are a foreign citizen and want to visit Russia for treatment at St. Petersburg Branch of S. Fyodorov “Eye Microsurgery” State Institution, You need to fill in the form below or send your request by E-mail:

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Patient accompaniment is required (in case if patient is underage, visually impaired or has a medical document confirming disabilities)

If the decision is positive, information about your visit to the clinic will be registered at the Public Services Portal of the Russian Federation. Based on the information you have provided, we will prepare an information letter for you, with indication of approximate treatment expenses. If we cannot guarantee that the patient will be provided with any treatment due to the severity of his illness, only the cost of the diagnostic examination will be indicated. You can use the information letter to apply for a visa.

Please note, that decision to issue or refuse visas is made by the Russian authorities. The information letter we provide to foreign patients does not guarantee getting a visa. The clinic is not involved in visa processing.

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